Day 6 at #CSW68 Linking Agendas, Bridging Silos

Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) and the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence.It is worth noting that CSE equips young people to navigate platforms and get knowledge to prevent GBV. Furthermore, CSE empowers young people in the face of resilience and global climate change is central. Key commitments from top government official included: -Accelerating efforts towards CSE by 2035-Young people are demanding ownership of their health, bodies, and leaders must listen and respond.-Strides have been made, but we need to be faster





AWEC at United Nation’s Headquater New York

Day 2 at #CSW was quite amazing. Listening to country leaders, women and girls right activists sharing their actions to promote women and girls empowerment with a focus on accelerating progress by addressing poverty, strengthening institutions, and financing initiatives through a gender perspective.#CSW68 CSW68 is set to be a pivotal moment in advancing gender equality and empowering all women and girls.Stay tuned for more updates





Awec at the 68th session of CSW

Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon -AWEC represented by their Executive Director #epetindive is at the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68), the UN’s largest annual gathering on gender equality and women’s empowerment, taking place from the 11th – 22nd March 2024 under the theme, “Accelerating the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty and strengthening institutions and financing with a gender perspective”.With a focus on accelerating progress by addressing poverty, strengthening institutions, and financing initiatives through a gender perspective, #CSW68 is set to be a pivotal moment in advancing gender equality and empowering all women and girls.It’s inspiring to be part of a global dialogue focused on accelerating gender equality and empowering all women and girls.Looking forward to meaningful discussions and innovative solutions. #CSW68

#Gender Equality


16Days Activism Against Gender based Violence 2023

WEC visited the community to talk about the theme for the year “Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”. We discussed how abuse and violence do operate in relationships and that victims should never be ok with it but to seek professional help.#16dayactivismagainstgenderbaseviolence#awec#GVB#Menengaged Cameroon

Community Dialogue with Community Stakeholders to Discuss about the Acceptance of Women’S SRHR

Our Community mobilizers and Counselors carried out a community dialogue with community stakeholders in ensuring the acceptance Women SRHR and bringing solutions on curbing out GBV in #Bepanda and #Bonaberi by targeting women and men in social groups #reachoutdev1 #amplifyfund

Improving Human Rights Protection in the conflicted parts of Cameroon such as South West Region.

Our partner Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa organizes a working session for us to discuss how we can synergize and build collective approach through monitoring, documenting and reporting prevailing violations of #HumanRight.#awec#CHRDA#HumanRight

MenEngaged Transforming Mindset Against Toxic Masculinity and Building Community Based Champions for Women’s #SRH in Cameroon Training Program

AWEC Shaping the future bringing new ideas to light, connecting brilliant minds under the company with Reach Out Cameroon.It is important to filter the knowledge given to community members. Our field actors of the project MenEngaged Transforming Mindset Against Toxic Masculinity and Building Community Based Champions for Women’s #SRH in Cameroon during a refresher training organized by @Reach Out had the opportunity to relearn and exchange best practices on how to better eradicate #GBV and promote women’s #SRHR in their communities, through community sensitization. Reach Out AmplifyChange MenEngage Alliance Cameroon Association For Women Empowerment Cameroon-AWEC#ReachOut#Amplifychange#AWEC

Back to school kits for internally displaced persons-IDPs in Bonabome Community.

August 11th 2023, Association For Women Empowerment Cameroon-AWEC and her partners gave out Back to School kits to internally displaced persons-IDPs in the Bonabome community in the Douala 4 municipality.. This was aimed at reducing barriers preventing children and youths from successful learning and participation in school.We sent them back to school in a grand style!!Communities and families especially IDPs have limited resources yet unlimited challenges. AWEC provides preventive and supportive services to IDPs and their families within vulnerable communities.The success of this program was dependent on donations, which we receive from funders , fundraiser/or corporate sponsors The AWEC School-Based Outreach Program is designed to provide short-term and long assistance to children and their families to alleviate barriers that affect the children academic and overall potentials.#AWEC#Backtoschool#Internallydisplacedpersons#communitydevelopment#Promotingeducation

Association Of Women Empowerment Cameroon-AWEC

Structured community dialogues designed to normalise discussion around culturally sensitive issues and especially around gender norms that restrict and diminish the advance

The Community dialogues organize provide an interactive participatory communication process that allows:

  1. Information sharing,
  2. Consensus building,
  3. Reflective thinking,
  4. Interrogation of assumptions, and group visioning.


✓ The Community dialogues provide both formal and informal channels to discuss new ideas and expose communities to new practices to which they respond by either contesting and/or resisting this Gender Base Violence.

✓ Minimizes resistance and builds a pool of supporters who will sustain the change agenda of GBV.

✓ New ideas, knowledge and practices accelerated norm change between AWEC and the community

To all our partners for this continues community support

Amplifychange #Reachout



Association Of Women Empowerment Cameroon

AWEC believes that all children, adolescents and young people have the right to make their own free and informed choices and to have control over their sexual and reproductive health and lives, free from coercion, violence, discrimination and abuse.
Girls and young women, in particular, are denied the ability to exercise these rights. Fulfilling the rights of all children, adolescents and young people is fundamental to achieving gender equality.
However, gender inequality and discriminatory social norms mean that girls and young women often lack the voice, agency and autonomy to make their own decisions in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and are frequently denied access to quality sexual and reproductive health information and services.
This can leave them vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), as well as from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. It can also result in serious psychological harm.
Girls and young women are frequently subjected to serious human rights violations, including coerced sex, sexual violence and harmful practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child, early and forced marriage.
Is of this motion we mount the street of DOUALA Bonaberi with the voice of educating the public.
Together with our partners #Amplifychange #Reachout